"The Body Keeps the Score", 60" x 35", ink on paper
"Eros", various sizes, ink on paper.
"Self-Portrait" 8"x10", ink on watercolour paper. 
"Reclining Woman", 84" x 40", ink on paper.
4" x 6", ink on paper.
"Seated Woman", "Melting Woman", 8" x 10", ink on paper. 
"Before Manifestations" 84" x 40" ink on paper.
"Interdimensional" 35" x 64", ink on paper. 
"Eyes See You" 14"x 10", ink on paper. 
"Express Yourself" 60" x 40", ink on paper. 
Left: "Good Feminist" 60" x 40", ink on paper. Right: "Friends" 60"x 40" ink on paper. 
"Good Feminist, Bad Feminist" 72" x 40" ink on paper. 
"Shy Girl" 72"x 35", ink on paper.
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